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While television in its classic format slowly dies, digital video continues to grow year after year whether in a disc format or as online video. Market research continues to show that video is the most effective means of engaging people with its ease and ready accessibility, and continues to be a cost-effective means of getting your message to any audience. Regardless of your industry, Neo Vida Media Inc. is enthusiastic to provide you with our digital video services which include both production, post-production, and post post-production services such as disc replication.

Neo Vida Media is able to provide production in a variety of environments. We offer traditional studio and on-location video production, but we also specialize in underwater videography as well as aerial videography. Through the use of green screens, special effects, and our editing techniques we are able to create phenomenal films, and film-shorts as we've been doing for years. We are able to film in a wide variety of formats, using many specialized pieces of equipment that we have in-house.

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    Our Modern Editing Techniques Create Memorable Video

    A properly edited video can create an emotion and intensity that will amplify the effect of your message. We aim to make our videos both remarkable and memorable.

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    Aerial Videography: Another Angle to Your Message

    Our professional grade high-deifnition aerial videography equipment and professional pilot-videographers combine to provide stunning aerial video for our clients.

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    Effective and Efficient Post-Production Editing

    Neo Vida Media Inc. possesses specialized software and hardware so that we are able to provide our clients with a polished final product in a timely fashion.

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    Specialty Underwater Video Filming and Equipment

    We have in-house advanced divers and all of the equipment required to record stunning underwater video in a multitude of environments and depths, and from tropical to cold water.

Digital Video Examples

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