Strategic Online Marketing

For over a couple of decades now, online marketing has proven to be extremely cost effective and provides the opportunity for an enormous return on investment. As the internet grows, new platforms and tools become available to us which allow us to reach the distant markets of the globe and more elusive and profitable niche areas. Neo Vida Media Inc. has planned and executed many online marketing strategies, each resulting in a measurable growth than has, in every case, resulted in cost effective brand awareness and an increase in sales for our clients.

Neo Vida Media Inc. is a specialist in harnessing organic traffic for your company, and in setting up and overseeing paid online advertising on the most popular online advertising platforms such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. Our thorough and professional approach is an all encompassing one that includes search engine optimization, careful target audience selection, geographic targeting, as well as competitive and budget savvy advertising campaigns. Our goal is always to get the maximum result at a minimum cost. We aim to meet our clients needs through education, collaboration, and careful execution of all of our strategic online marketing.

  • professional SEO search engine optimization for organic traffic

    Search Engine Optimization and Organic Traffic: Long Term Plans

    Search engine optimization for your website can make a huge difference in your levels of traffic, and quality of visitor. Let us help optimize your website to draw in quality visitors.

  • professionally set up online advertising campaigns with google facebook and twitter

    Immediate Results through Paid Advertising Campaigns

    For instant results, paid online advertising campaigns can result in a fantastic return on a minimal investment. Let us help you decide whether this is an option for you.

  • using social media to create traffic customers and clients

    Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Organic and Paid

    Social media is a powerhouse that can generate results in itself, and can also bring targeted traffic to your existing infastructure, such as websites and even physical storefronts.

  • Thorough Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

    Data collection and analysis is crucial for making good business decisions that extend beyond your online presence. Let us help you develop data collection methods and interpretation systems.

Strategic Online Marketing Examples

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  • Search engine optimization: consistent free traffic
  • Social media use and integration
  • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  • Major search engine partners: Google and Yahoo
  • Social media partners: Facebook, Twitter
  • Regular reports and updates
  • Analysis of cost-benefit ratio and adaptation