Website Design & Programming

Neo Vida Media Inc. prides itself on its website design and website programming. This service is at the core of what we offer, and a "house speciality." Through our knowledge and experience, we will be able to design and program a website for you that will fit your branding and your products and/or services. We have the know-how to program any functionality within the limits of web technologies, which are quite vast these days, and are therefore able to provide your target audience with any experience you wish them to have, enticing visitors to give you a call or purchase your products.

Beware! Website designers and programmers are not all alike! Most individuals or companies offering website services are typically either designers or programmers, and not both. Even fewer are search engine optimization specialists. All of these elements are crucial, and we offer all of them in-house. A well thought out and beautifully constructed website will be pleasing to your visitors and will offer them the perspective of professionalism, but without proper and thorough programming and search engine optimization these visitors will be few and far in between. Let Neo Vida Media Inc. handle your website vision, and create a website for you that is beautiful, functional, viable, well traveled and profitable!

  • bootstrap responsive website design for smart phones

    Responsive Websites for Desktops, Tablets, and Smart Phones

    We offer Bootstrap powered websites that look fantastic on all digital devices. Choose a template to customize, or have us build a custom responsive website for you.

  • website design for specific target audience

    Smart, Professional Design Customized to Your Target Audience

    Our designs are built with your clients in mind. We build sites that appeal to your target audience and that engage visitors while providing them with the tools they need to achieve your goals.

  • online credit card payment processing and ecommerce

    Online Payment Processing Right on Your Website

    We offer all of the technology and programming required to accept payments directly from your website. Get paid directly via credit card, or 3rd party services such as PayPal.

  • dynamic content and database driven websites for ecommerce

    Database Driven Solutions for eCommerce and Large Projects

    We are experienced in building custom back-end functionality to keep track of products, inventory, customers, payments, and orders and anything else you may wish.

Website Design & Programming Examples

Haupys Beaver Rub Home Page
Haupy's Beaver Rub eCommerce Website

The Haupys Beaver Rub website project was a responsive website project utilizing Bootstrap and jQuery as well as eCommerce elements. The front of the website was to match the existing branding for the product, which consisted exclusively of the logo. Brand awareness and eCommerce were the two main objectives for the website. The website includes several animations and interactive elements. A d ...

Discovery Glass & Aluminum Inc. Home Page
Discovery Glass & Aluminum Inc. Website

Discovery Glass & Aluminum Inc. is one of Neo Vida Media's original clients. Over the years we have continuously updated and redesigned the website and promotional materials for Discovery Glass, to keep up with the growth and innovation of this company. This latest version of the website features a responsive website that is optimized for smart phones and tablets -- a commonly used promotional t ...

Salveo Naturopathic Home Page
Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care Website

Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care is a health, cosmetic, and wellbeing company based out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The company offers a wide variety of services including health services, medical procedures, skin care therapies, medical grade cosmetics, medical laser treatments, and medi-spa services. The company is continuously expanding, and so with it expands its website and its target ...

Voob Construction and Maintenance Home page
Voob Construction & Maintenance Ltd. Website

Voob Construction and Maintenance Ltd. is a Vancouver area contractor offering a multitude of services including construction, renovations, restoration, maintenance, millwork, project design, and building inspection. The company approached Neo Vida Media Inc. with the hopes of putting together a professional website with an emphasis on mobile friendly design. ...

Phoenix Property Solutions Home Page
Phoenix Property Solutions Inc.

Phoenix Property Solutions Inc. is a Kelowna based company offering an extensive variety of specialized trades and services ranging from property maintenance trades to new construction, renovation, and property upgrade trades and services. We come with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources and are a leading provider of landscaping, renovation, and janitorial services in the Okanagan. Ou ...

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